Nationwide Auto Finance started under the name of East side Auto Finance in East Toledo in 1997.

Three new locations were introduced East Side Auto Finance (later known as Nationwide Auto Finance) at 1506 Woodville Road, Northwest Auto Finance (Later known as Nationwide Auto Finance II) at 820 Woodville Road and Oakdale Auto Finance on Oakdale Avenue. An idea was introduced to merge all three dealerships into one big new lot. Nationwide Auto Finance was not going to abandon Toledo and specifically woodville Road, A large scale operation was introduced on 2121 Woodville Road after the purchase to renovate the building of the old Handy Andy in 2010. November 2011, The other three locations were closed and moved to the new location.

Today, Nationwide Auto Finance stretches over eight acres of quality used vehicles. Located in the city of Oregon not too far from where the business idea started, still part of Greater Toledo. Nationwide Auto Finance offers today financing to help everyone get in a car. People who have good credit use Nationwide Auto Finance to, on the other hand people who have challenging credit are using Nationwide Auto Finance to get through there problems. Nationwide has a network of thousands of customers that stretch across Ohio and Michigan mainly and also throughout the United States.